What Causes the Skin Condition of Acne?

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One of the worst possible things that can happen to anyone, especially teenagers, is acne. Since good looks matter to 99 percent of the population, a severe case of acne can seriously hamper self-esteem. It can also cause deep depression in people with terrible cases of acne.

The root cause of acne is hormonal imbalances occurring in the body. These instabilities make the sebaceous glands give off too much oil. This excess oil mixes with dead skin cells and dirt, resulting in clogged pores. These substances in the pores provide the perfect environment for acne bacteria to breed and spread.

While acne is not a serious health threat, it can lead to scarring of the skin. It's one of the most common skin conditions worldwide. There are many factors that can influence the development of acne. These include environmental conditions, stress, improper hygiene, lack of sleep and a poor diet.

Warning signs of acne are swelling, redness and inflammation. When pimples develop, white blood cells are sent to kill the infection. This killing process results in what is called a white head on top of the pimple. At times, the white substances turn black when hit by air. This results in a black head appearing in the center of the pimple.

Other root causes of acne besides too much oil production include genetics and skin bacteria issues. While environmental issues can aggravate acne, it doesn't cause it. Despite rumours to the contrary, chocolate has no bearing whatsoever on acne. However, fried foods can influence acne as it affects the skin's health, making it more vulnerable to develop acne. As for genetics, if one of your parents had serious acne problems, it's possible that you will, too.

Puberty makes men more prone to acne. Women tend toward more breakouts during puberty, pregnancy, menopause and around their monthly menstrual cycles. Birth control pills have known to affect acne in women by either causing it or curing it.

Although teenage acne can disappear on its own, you should start treating this condition as soon as it becomes evident that it's going to be a problem. You must get treatment to avoid scarring. Natural treatments for acne are your best option. Whatever option you choose, give it 3 to 6 weeks to show improvement.

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What Causes the Skin Condition of Acne?

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What Causes the Skin Condition of Acne?

This article was published on 2011/02/12