What Causes Pimples?

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There are many factors that cause pimples/acne and it varies in its severity.  Stress can cause flare ups in some, side effects of certain medications, even allergies. A bout of acne can be short lived or it can persist for several months or several years. Some people will only get very mild pimples, others will get very severe acne although this is thought to run in the family, so if acne or pimples have occurred in your family It is likely you will suffer from a few in your lifetime.

Many things can irritate or make acne flare up but pimples are caused from when the hair follicles in your pores in your skin get blocked and the sebaceous gland produces an excessive amount of oil. Although no one is totally sure why acne occurs, it is believed it can be a result of the following:

•  Bacteria accumulating in the sebaceous glands
•  A collection of dead skin cells
•  Overactive sebaceous glands producing too much oil due to hormone fluctuations
•  Using oily make up, such as greasy foundations and overly thick moisturisers

The sebaceous gland gets clogged when the oil (otherwise known as sebum) cannot leave the open pore so turns into an obstruction. The skin around the pore can swell and a white plug formed of dead cells of oil can form, this is what is what is known as a whitehead. If the plug does not fully close the pore you get a black appearance which is called a blackhead.

Pimples can become infected when the whiteheads rupture underneath the skin's top layer. This allows the dead cells, bacteria and oil to seep into the surrounding tissue. If this outbreak is very widespread and severe, you could develop an infection called cystic acne which is very large, unsightly and painful red bumps Even if the boils disappear you could be left with permanent scarring. Prompt treatment of this is essential to minimise the possibility of permanent scarring so visit your doctor as soon as possible. It is important to remember that anyone can suffer from spots at any time even after treatment but will be a lot less severe.

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What Causes Pimples?

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This article was published on 2010/10/14