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A boil is an infection on the skin which is normally caused at the area of hair follicles or oil glands. At first, the area where the boil is about to form might look red and is tender to touch. After a few days, there might be bacterial growth in that area which manifests on the skin in the form of a yellow spot. The pus in the boil finds its route out of the skin, causing it to rupture, leading to a yellow colored fluid (pus) to seep out. Some boils on skin are not able to burst on their own and hence, the individual might require undergoing a surgery.

The boil might be observed in any part of the body and could be formed on the neck, face, shoulders, buttocks or armpits. Itchy boils on skin are typically the ones which are observed on the eyelids. These infections also depend upon the immunity of the individual as some are more vulnerable to boils on the skin than others. It’s vital to know the causes, symptoms and treatments of boils, so as to avoid the spread of infection.

Types of Boils on Skin

There are mainly five types of boils and the demarcation is based on their cause and location.

· Furuncles: These types of boils are caused due to infection in the hair follicles and could appear in any part of the body.

· Carbuncles: When the furuncles are in a set or in clusters, they are known as carbuncles. They could occur in the thighs, shoulders, neck, etc.

· Hildradenitis Suppurativa: These boils are caused due to swelling of sweat glands due to infection. They are mainly found in the underarm and groin areas.

· Cyctic Acne: This is caused either due to excess oil production or due to a plug in the hair follicles.

· Pilonidal Cysts: These are found in the fissure of the buttocks. These boils on buttocks might be caused due to extended sitting at one place.

Causes for Skin Boils

The bacteria liable for boils on skin are known as staphylococcus. These bacteria are present on the skin in a resting state, but become active and infect the skin if the skin is scratched or gets cut. It could also enter the skin through pores of hair follicles and oil glands. Boils on skin during pregnancy is a common occurrence as skin boils during pregnancy result from skin infections and hormonal changes.


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Skin Boils

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This article was published on 2011/03/18