Lung cancer treatment: Whether can herbal medicine treat lung cancer or not?

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It has been proved that Herbal supplements like Pleurisy root and Cordyceps wil contribute to decrease toxin with organic and building healthy lung tissue. In the past few years, some scientist discovered that herbal is very supportive effects that can reduce various symptoms in different disease especially remedies to lung cell. Off course, lung cancer patient are advisable to consult their doctor, mostly, sale specialist unable to give you a current and appropriate promising herbal supplement. Same time you are advisable to look for online related information in order to avoid prescribes strong herbal remedies
and mixed up medication.

In year 2003, RMIT head of Chinese Medicine, Professor Charlie release a report. He had successful conduct lung cancer treatment with Chinese herbal medicine alone and survived a patient with 8 year and report good health. This patient had smoke more than 20 years, she was treated with 9 Chinese medicinal herbs that has been reported anti cancer

Lung cancer often cause by smoking. However, most people find it hard to quit. Generally, smokers know that smoking will damage their lung cell and respiratory system sooner or later. Scientist found out that peptic ulcers happening in male is about 41% and female about 33% cause by smoking. In year 2005, School of Nursing, University of Manchester conducted a paper study lung cancer patient who under herbal lung cancer treatment is about 48% this research was conducted in 8 Europe countries and collected by questionnaire.

Undeniable, some Europe scientist has doubted the Chinese herbal playing a role in lung cancer treatment, but recently there has been positive response from them. Experiences conducted by them show that Chinese herbal medicine be able anti cancer especially lung cancer treatment, enhancing the immune system, inhibitor lung cell spread and improve quality of life. As well, Chinese herbal medicine like American ginseng improve cancer patient vital and lessen fatigue. American Ginseng contain adaptogens that substance be able reduce and defend body's stress, as we know cancer patient often facing high stress environmental especially treatment.

Herbal medicine is playing very important role in lung cancer field today, more and more scientist from west and east are starting recognized the role. Herbal medicine comes from Chinese and other like India is believed that is able to anti cancer, strength immune system, relieve the pain and improve quality of life. The most important thing is fewer side effects to human body.


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Lung cancer treatment: Whether can herbal medicine treat lung cancer or not?

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This article was published on 2009/11/09