Homemade Remedies For Pimples

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Nothing can be more annoying than a pimple on your face on such moments. The good news is that you can get rid of them with simple homemade remedies for pimples in no time.

When your liver gets overloaded with toxins it will send the toxins out through your skin as well as your other organs of elimination. Some alternative doctors recommend eating a raw clove of garlic daily for acne; you can chop one up finely and add it to your daily salad!

Vitamin E helps a great dealing in healing the skin. Natural sources include Cold-pressed vegetable oils, including olive, corn, safflower, soybean, cottonseed, and canola and products made from these oils, wheat germ, nuts (almonds, hazelnuts, and walnuts), dark green leafy vegetables like spinach and kale, egg yolks, seeds (Sunflower seeds), whole grains liver, corn-oil margarine, mayonnaise, greens (beet, collard, mustard, turnip), sweet potatoes, avocado, asparagus, yams.

The best way to treat acne and the best homemade remedies that I know are that witch helps you prevent the occurrence of acne. You can do this by drinking a lot of water during the day. This helps eliminate the toxins from your body and your kidneys too. Washing regularly is a must to avoid acne problems. Using just warm water or a cleanser special made for acne skin problems may help.

Burdock root is commonly used in acne herbal cure. It controls the oil production by the sebaceous glands, thereby treating acne. While using burdock root for acne, it can be applied topically or you can drink its water extract. For both purposes, boil ½ teaspoon burdock root powder in 2 cups water, and simmer till it thickens to half.

Use olive oil with a tablespoon of very fresh flaxseed oil in your salads. Good nutrition will help your skin from the inside out. The next time you want to have a snack, instead of junk food, help your skin by having an apple, orange, peach, pear, banana, plum, berries or other fruit.

We are what we eat. And,in the case of acne, it is so true. Eating junk-food will do you no help. Try to avoid oily foods, sweet drinks, coffee, chocolate as they trigger acne outbreaks. Instead drinking fresh juices made from apples or oranges are very good. You must eat lots of fresh vegetables and fruits daily if you want to get rid of acne fast.

The plant sandalwood is prized for its pleasant smell and microbial repelling properties. Regarding application of sandalwood powder for acne affected skin, mix it with rose water to make a paste form. Coat the acne outbreaks with this paste, leave for 25-30 minutes and rinse with water.



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Homemade Remedies For Pimples

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This article was published on 2011/05/15