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Acne is a common problem in both youngsters and for a few adults. The problem is not just confined on the facial areas; it might crop up in different places on the body for example the back. Acne on the back is commonly referred to by the nickname bacne. Acne is caused by an excess of sebum oil being produced by sebaceous glands underneath the skin that could cause pore blockages that lead to infections. There are numerous home treatment options for back acne available and most of the substances that are employed are generally found in the house or garden..
One of the easiest home remedies for back acne involves keeping your back hygienic and bacteria free. At least twice a day you need to wash your back with a good antibacterial soap or one that contains sulfur. When you apply the soap using a loofah or soft brush, you will exfoliate dead skin from your back while cleaning it. If you engage in physical activities that make you sweat, make sure that you wash off the perspiration well with the intention that the sweat does not mix with skin oils and cause blockages in the skin pores.
One of many popular home remedies for back acne is tea tree oil which comes from the Australian melaleuca tree. This ingredient has been validated through scientific studies to have the capability to kill the bacteria that can cause acne on the back. Use it cautiously in the beginning because it could infuriate some sensitive skins. It is applied topically using a clean cloth. Apple cider vinegar is one more effective home remedy that has been used for many years to manage back acne. Blend equal quantities of apple cider vinegar and together with water for the cleansing purpose. This treatment would help to remove excess skin oils while killing the acne bacteria.
Aloe vera gel is one more soothing home remedy that can be used on back acne. The gel has therapeutic properties as an antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and topical analgesic. It will kill acne bacteria and help remove excess oil while reducing swelling and pain in acne pimples and pustules. Lavender essential oil encourages blood circulation when rubbed on parts that have acne infections and as well works as a natural antiseptic to disinfect and clean the skin and to prevent any scarring from occurring. Witch hazel is a potent astringent which cleanses acne infections and can reduce inflammation of the skin.
oothpaste is not only useful for cleaning your teeth, it may also be used to relieve acne infections on your back. Put a small amount of toothpaste on top of the swellings caused by the acne before you go to bed and let it remain there overnight. Wash it off well in the morning. You can continue this treatment every night until you observe an improvement in your acne. Another thing that can be done before sleeping is to apply an ice pack to your back. This can help to minimize inflammation and relieve soreness. Raw garlic cloves can also be used as a home cure for acne. When rubbed gently onto back acne, it assists to clear the acne microbial infections.
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Get Rid Of Back Acne Problems - Best Cures For Back Acne

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Get Rid Of Back Acne Problems - Best Cures For Back Acne

This article was published on 2012/06/09