Face-Saving Homemade Acne Treatments

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One can guess that about 99 percent of the population in the entire universe all crave for beautiful skin. The beauty industry knows about it and is hauling in shiploads of money from skincare products. The big cats pay celebrities to look flawless in order for the public to yearn for such physical perfection, therefore buying products that promise to deliver results. Unfortunately, not everyone is blessed with such a quality. Furthermore, not everyone can afford to pay the price.

One of the most common troubles with regard to skin since probably the beginning of time is acne. It has a variety of shapes, sizes, and color. There's the kind that is made up of red, scaly skin called seborrhea, the blackheads and whiteheads - together called the comedones, the pinheads or sometimes referred to as papules, the ever-so-familiar pimple or pustules, and, finally, the larger papules or nodules. Some people have a combination of these, some have only one or two types, and others have all of the above. Sometimes even the most careful would still end up getting scars (both physical and psychological) from such a difficult part of life.

There are many ways that can possibly eliminate acne, such as medications, laser treatment, and dermabrasion. However, one can try something a little less drastic first in order to give it a shot at getting rid of the problem. This is where the homemade acne treatments play their part.

Facemasks can be concocted in the comfort of one's home in order to fight the skin problem. One example would be using honey together with apples. The apple should be grated and mixed in with the honey to create a paste. This will be smoothed onto the face for about 20 minutes. After which it needs to be washed off with warm water. Another type of homemade mask is made out of oatmeal, wherein the oatmeal is ground into a pulp with some water to form a paste and placed over the face for about 20 minutes as well. When it comes to scare removal, it is said that a cold mixture of cabbage, carrot and blueberry juice work well.

It may sound cliché, but one of the most basic things that one can do to combat acne is through a proper diet. Avoid fatty, oily and processed food, dairy products, and caffeine. Opt for unprocessed fruit and vegetables, supplements that contain vitamin A, C, E, D and vitamin B complex. One has to keep in mind that zinc and beta-carotene are best friends that help treat and prevent acne. Next is to get enough sleep - 8 hours on average - and to drink about 2 liters of water every day. Exercise also plays a key role, too, for it reduces stress, which plays a key role in the formation of acne. Lastly, practice good hygiene. Even the smallest details are significant. One tip is to change your pillowcases at least once a week to prevent oil and dirt build up that partially cause acne.

Fighting for the prevention or treatment of acne is not an overnight task. It is a complete change of lifestyle. Hopefully, these homemade acne treatments and tips will prove to be useful in one's quest for that healthy, glowing skin.

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Face-Saving Homemade Acne Treatments

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This article was published on 2010/12/18